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Creating a Directory, Adding Files and Deleting Everything

I was running a test and it came really handy to create a temporary directory, store some files in it, and later remove all the files and the directory itself.

$path = 'path/to/your/new/directory';

// Create directory if it doesn't already exist
if(!file_exists($path)) {
    mkdir($path, 0777, true);

// Add a text file
file_put_contents($path . 'text.txt', 'Hello World');

// Add a base64 image file
  'zQjO2xR9J+elr7PRPjpnpxAHBjch/1Kg3Yudv0GvQn7ZltKLmJKvp1cuc2eWUHnwGkPjt3' .
  '2zFBVCv2QG6BbocXtvcFAMfs3DbjApSaII6CAVQ1ZZBtkH1e3qZTz/jnL7Ds2ocswKplAF' .
  'DVNECegLiHU8PvmSqmgJWkDaIC5w54Zc9+HOCTiHSOZ6V+pSOzsg1xHXANdmw3i/jQ8CER' .
  'GHYC0o8i04FSH4kavLA2q3g4gA/zKgpeRHvGwPEaZBnKb9KgCLx/nEoppCMQj3CqeA98Z9' .
  'UfxwQDqF7sAtwF0MKTa2Z1+zzQIICRCdkFdPodoy2KUhBA3jD/A/xHYGEE6qVTAIezkxFk' .
  'AaVwyJRggk2boADxDGRhDkDwVPk7zqwH8k8bPsPfAhjleAtiLXwJOXoKj3h2xn/ehyXZuD' .
  'A1APzxG81O0vkU4DdUZ2lQNVMBebgUAKnFaZm8DAL/GxAJoAW62fWikjKAk5HxYgGM3/G5' .
  'RUm9pLgAUA9ibw5AeVjSR41AqJ+ibUFGAJ+d9kPH/Gi/t5+eV4F3mU/7boBsAAAAAElFTk' .

$data = base64decode($data);
$image = imagecreatefromstring($data);
imagepng($image, $path . '/image.png', 0);

// Up until this point, if you step debug you should
// be able to see the directory and files in it.
// Let us now clean up and remove everything.

// I'm going to use PHP's DirectoryIterator class
// If you're not familiar with it you should check it out
// It has some cool methods.
$tmp_files = new DirectoryIterator($path);
foreach($tmp_files as $file) {
    // I only created files, but there are a couple of 
    // directories that get in the way (i.e. '.' and '..')
    if($file->isFile()) {
        // So, if it's a file let's get rid of it
        unlink($path . $file->getBasename());
    // now remove the directory



Creating a Database With Symfony and Doctrine

Today, I created my first sample database using Symfony. In just a few steps I was able to have my db up and running. It was awesome!

First, I updated my db parameters in “parameters.yaml”. I was worried that this wouldn’t work because I’m using a Vagrant box (Laravel Homestead) and you don’t really see examples for this approach in the documentation. So, I just added theconfig items (db host, port, name, user, etc.) the same way I have them configured in Sequel Pro. It worked.

Here’s a sample parameters.yml:

    database_port: 33060
    database_name: product_db
    database_user: homestead
    database_password: secret
    mailer_transport: smtp
    mailer_user: null
    mailer_password: null
    secret: dcc9090991abc12aaaadbb787111cee

Next, I created an Entity class. Continue reading

Gaming, Star Wars

Star Wars Battlefront

I’m not a gamer anymore. I think I stopped playing video games after I started college. For a while I used to buy an Xbox to play Halo or Gears of War, finish the game, and get rid of it. Every now and then I miss it. Nowadays, I just see my little kids in awe when, at the age of 2 and 4, they are already proficient at playing Lego games like Star Wars, Lego Movie, or Mickey’s Castle of Illusion on their iPads.

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Hello world!

What better way for a coder than starting his blog with a “Hello World”. It’s just perfect! What you will find here is just stuff that I find interesting, not necessarily about programming. It could be photography, gadgets, or soccer, but in the end it could lean more towards programming and the like. In summary, this blog is just going to be about anything that catches my interest.